RH Homes | Land & Planning
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Land & Planning

Welcome to your new RH Home – Tomorrows requirements today

RH Homes’ land and planning expertise is second to none. We are continually searching for residential development opportunities, with or without planning permission and we will always endeavour to provide a quick decision with a straightforward confidential appraisal. Mixed-use developments, joint ventures and promotion agreements are also undertaken with commercial partners and landowners.


Matthew Davis, Director and founder of RH Homes has an extensive knowledge of the core areas in which we develop including local councils, planning authorities and estate agents. We strongly believe in community consultation, so with every project we will always engage with local residents and stakeholders to try and overcome any issues prior to submitting a planning application.


We are experienced in developing a wide range of sites and RH Homes has the ability to resolve any difficult land, technical or legal situation with passion and focus. We work closely with the landowner, we keep in constant communication throughout the whole planning process whilst we seek to maximise the financial return against what is no doubt a valuable asset to the landowner.


We aim to provide much needed homes in prime, sought after locations so the address is a very important consideration for us. RH Homes are currently seeking development opportunities in Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire.

We have an expectation of a property which is as high as yours.

Has your house or land got development potential?

If your home has a large garden, is situated on a corner plot or has a wide frontage, there may be potential to develop the site.

Why should I sell to a property developer?

Being a privately owned company with access to substantial funds, we can move quickly from submitting a competitive offer right through to acquisition and unlike a regular purchaser, we are not tied to selling a property in order to fund the purchase of yours, leaving us essentially chain free.

How can we proceed?

You can sell the property outright for an agreed sum. We can enter into an agreement where we pay an agreed figure based upon the receipt of planning permission. RH Homes would absorb all costs associated with obtaining the planning permission.


We can enter into a joint venture agreement If you own or are aware of any land with potential for residential development, please email us or telephone 07835 387393